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[Book Talk] Out Of Sight Out Of Time (GG 5)

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Yaaaaay ! Gallagher Series 5 is coming out ! Here it is the Summary Plot...

My enemies are clear, but my memories are not...
In this book Cammie wakes up in a convent near Austria and her memory is totally blank. She calls her mother who comes after her and takes her to the Gallagher Academy. There she is interrogated and tested. Cammie also sees Zach, who she learns goes to Gallagher now and she thinks that Bex and Zach are together. She also learns that Solomon hasn't woken up yet, so Abby is teaching CoveOps. During one of her classes, Abby teaches the students how to handle rifles. Cammie unconciously loads her rifle and doesn't even realize it. When she snaps back to focus she is so appalled that she flees. 

Cammie's mom reveals that they knew that Cammie had gone to Mr. Solomon's cottage, so they head there. A man from the circle tries to kill Bex and Cammie, but Cammie ends up killing him. They also later learn that Cammie had sent a package to the house, with bracelets for her roomates and a necklace in the shape of a shield for herself, having no idea what they mean. 
Once returning to school, Cammie begins to have therapy with Dr. Steve, Zach's "advisor" from Blackthorne, every week. Cammie sneaks out of her room in the night and she and Zach overhear the school trustees saying that Cammie is not trustworthy because she killed a man without consciously realizing it. Cammie becomes upset after that and runs down the secret passageway they were watching them from. Zach chases after her and comforts her, and they passionately kiss.
Cammie and the others discover that Cammie went to Rome during the summer and they decide they will go, and the Headmistress even helps them get there. Cammie, Bex and Macey go with Agents Townsend and Abby watching over them. Shortly after arriving, Bex and Macey reveal that Zach went missing for 2 weeks in the summer, and they all wonder if he found Cammie during that time. Then, Zach shows up in the middle of the night while Cammie sleepwalks, and she accuses him of finding her in the summer, which he denies, and admits when he couldn't find her, he went searching for his mother, and he went crazy when he wasn't able to find Cammie. 
Cammie suddenly has a flashback from the summer, and she is able to access a secret entrance to the houe where Preston Winters and his father reside in. They discover that Cammie stayed with Preston during the summer, and she has told Preston everything, including that she is a spy and the Circle of Cavan is after her. They discover that Cammie was going to "rob a bank". The group then organizes a mission to go to the bank that Cammie alledgedly broke into, although they are unsure if she was able to steal what she wanted and what the object was. Cammie is led to a box, which contains her father's journal and a letter from her father that she discovered last summer in Mr. Solomon's house. Cammie also remembers the house she was captured at, and there they discover it was where her dad was held, too. They also find his grave in the dirt there. After a sad realization that they know the basics of what Cammie did during the summer, they return to the Gallagher Academy. 
They learn Mr. Solomon is awake from his coma, and he recognizes Cammie's locket. Cammie discovers that the locket she wears is the Gallagher family seal and the key to bringing down the Circle. They realize that whatever it is supposed to unlock will contain the list of original Circle members, which would be the most important key to bringing the Circle down. Cammie recognizes the key is on a stain glass in the church at school and they realize it's a map to Gilly's family's castle. They head there, and realize the list would be where the stain glass was. Unfortunately, the castle is crumbling to pieces, so the 5 of them (Bex, Liz, Macey, Cammie, and Zach) split up, Cammie and Zach and the others as the two groups. Cammie discovers a tiny hole in the rubble which she could fit through to where they think the list is, but Zach becomes worried about her safety. When he realizes nothing can stop her, he kisses her gently and she goes in. Cammie finds the list on which all of the original Circle members' names are written by Gilly, but Zach's mom appears and Cammie ends up dropping the list in the ocean, and Zach's mom jumps in the water after it. 
Back at school, Cammie finds out that Dr. Steve is part of the Circle and was the one who tortured her and removed her memory, but at the moment she is slightly crazy to the point where she is completely fine with what she learns. Cammie is able to remember when her dad took her to the circus, where a women secretly gave him a copy of Gillian's list. Dr. Steve explains that since she couldn't remember anything they let her come back so that she could be interrogated in a place where she felt safe. He said he was disappointed that she was not able to remember faster, and Cammie (being delusional), is disappointed in herself for disappointing Dr. Steve. He then instructs Cammie that she goes to the fifth floor balcony, and when she sees Dr. Steve's car leave the gates, that she should jump, and Cammie agrees that she will. When she gets to the balcony, she waits on the roof below, and is reminded of how this is like a tight wire at the circus. Her mother, Bex, and Liz appear on the balcony, and try to plead for Cammie to get back on the balcony, but Cammie refuses, saying that she is a Gallagher Girl, and Gallagher Girls always listen to their teachers. Finally, when Liz is about to fall off the roof, Cammie saves her and is snapped out of her delusional state, but Dr.Steve escapes. 
Cammie finally remembers everything. She and her father went to a circus before he died where a "dead drop" occurs. She remembers a woman spilling the contents of her purse out on the floor, and her father slipping a napkin into his pocket, which she realizes contained the names of the original Circle of Cavan names. Cammie remembers the list and writes down the names, which also includes Preston's last name, Winters. Cammie realizes that Mr. Winters was trying to lead her into a trap in Rome. In the end of the book, Macey and the others agree to get Preston out of Rome next semester to save him from his legacy and to hunt down the heads of the Circle to finally end it all, and finish what Cammie's father tried to do.
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